BCP Precast


From basic end wall components, such as flat banks and quarter pipes, to central components such as fun boxes and spline ramps, all modules in the SkateRamp Company range must meet exacting standards of smoothness, robustness and consistency of profile to ensure a seamless fit.

BCP Precast is a quality assured company in accordance with ISO 9001. All precast components are engineer designed and manufactured from 40 Mpa concrete in accordance with AS 3600.

The Transition Nosing

One of the most critical areas on a skate ramp is the transition zone from flat to ramp. If this is uneven or prone to wear, it creates the potential for serious falls and injury. Wherever possible, the modular skate ramps incorporate a machine formed metal transition nose as part of the concrete casting, thus minimising the need for a polymer fill to smooth the transition.

The challenge of building a skatepark which caters to all levels of skateboard users whilst being visually pleasing to the community at large, requires a fairly intimate knowledge of the sport of skateboarding, as well as a knowledge of the components which make up a skatepark. BCP Precast is capable of meeting this challenge and can assist in all areas of skatepark design, components aquisition and installation
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