BCP Precast

How the StreamClean GPT Works

The StreamClean GPT consists of a circular chamber (plus risers if required) with a diversion channel:

  • A diversion channel is designed to divert stormwater from the main stormwater drainage system into the storage chamber.
  • A storage chamber which allows for the removal of gross pollutants, sediment, light litter, oil & grease prior to returning the stormwater to the main drainage system.
  • A screen is provided to prevent particles of 3mm diameter (and larger) from passing through the arrestor.

The main factors which allow for sediment removal are:-

  • Screening
  • Water velocity reduction via a vortex action
  • Water velocity reduction via detention

Stormwater from the main stormwater drainage system enters the diversion channel wherein a baffle diverts the stormwater to the storage chamber.

In the storage chamber the stormwater is forced into a vortex action and travels around the storage chamber. Oil & grease will rise to the surface where it is retained.

Pollutants and sediment within the stormwater are forced to the inside of the storage chamber. Sediment falls to the base of the GPT where it is retained. The cleansed stormwater leaves the storage chamber via the screen and outlet spigot, through the diversion channel and rejoins the main stormwater drainage system.

The StreamClean GPT unit is designed for use in non-pressure stormwater systems.

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