BCP Precast

StreamClean GPT Product Selection

Selection of the right StreamClean GPT unit for your project is an easy process.

Information you will need:

  • Treatment Flow Rate required, in litres per second
  • Pipe diameter to achieve your required flow rates
  • Height from ground level to invert of pipe (RL/IL)
  • Pollutants, sediment and oil storage requirements

Once you have the above information, refer to the StreamClean GPT size selection chart in the StreamClean Broshure.

Typically, a standard StreamClean GPT unit will accommodate most pipe diameters and flow rate requirements where a 1 in 3 month treatment flow is required. If a greater treatment flow is specified, then a larger unit may be required, but leave the smaller pipe opening as per your drainage line requirements.

We can also modify tank, baffle and screen dimensions to accommodate greater sediment and oil storage if that is a requirement on your site.

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