BCP Precast

StreamClean Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)

The prevention of waterway pollution is crucial to the management of the urban environment.so too is the design and use of products associated with environmental protection.
BCP Precast, after years of research and development, have commercialised a range of stormwater products that can provide the required environmental protection to water ways. An outcome that Australians have not only come to demand, but will also value, as part of our healthy outdoors lifestyle.

StreamClean GPTs are ideal for diverse drainage situations in carparks, roads and shopping centres, and in industrial & residential complexes.

StreamClean GPTs can be installed on new stormwater drainage systems, or integrated with existing stormwater  rainage systems, where they have multiple uses:
- gross pollutant traps
- silt/sediment arrestors
- grease/oil arrestors
- pre-treatment devices upstream of settlement ponds

- precast concrete durability
- versatile - meets most design criteria
- typically treats 90-95% of annual stormwater run-off
- treats 100% of stormwater run-off at its treatment flow rate
- helps keep waterways free of pollution
- no moving parts - minimal maintenance
- full eduction clean out - prevents accidents occurring due to handling of waste

Available in 18 models to suit 100mm dia to 1200mm dia pipes.

- 50% - 0.075 to 0.38mm particles
- 100% - 3.00mm and larger particles
- Hydraulic Loss (k) - 1.7

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